Tuesday, January 15, 2013

of crashes, clashes and explosions

lets not start off the year with apologies for not writing my blog etc. you already know the drill. something ludicrous happens, i write. something interesting, i might write. something 'nigeria only', i should write. anything else is just not worth my time...and i'm guessing you have better things to do as well.

by way of an update, nigeria is still there. just there, but there still. our president is still as clueless as ever, the world is still as surprised that we can still move on despite the odds, and the usual wranglings and attention seeking is hale and hearty. the other day on my way to work i heard that a few people went to a remote village and vandalized petroleum pipelines (the things poverty causes). as has happened a million times before, the pipeline exploded and there was a fire outbreak and they died. the only reason why this is even remotely intriguiging to me is the fact that we can even still have stories like this. over and over, year on year, we have heard of petroleum tankers falling and people rushing to scoop fuel until it exploded and killed them. we have heard of pipelines that explode and kill people. we have heard of ordinary citizens burnt to death cos their kerosene was polluted. you'd think by now, even monkeys would get the point: petrol is a volatile element, please avoid. but no.

and then there's this preacher called pastor tunde bakare. i won't even have any comment about him because i truly fear the bible "touch not" rule, but he is always saying something borderline treasonable. well, as a man of God he is probably slightly immune from social critique on his choice of words for a ruling government especially where the bible is clear on the whole "pray for your leaders" thingy, but i'd be damned if he doesnt have the most outrageous prophesies. so a few days ago he says there will be a change of government in 2014. as you know the next scheduled elections are to occur in 2015. the current president is hoping to take another stab at it (i tremble at the thought) and the only way the office would be vacant is if the president is impeached, or dies, or removed from office by a coup. did i mention that pastor bakare ran for vice president in the last election?  yeah, credibility issues for that prophecy.

the icing on the cake is the devastating year that 2012 turned out to be for many governors in nigeria. from the helicopter crash death of the kaduna state governor, to the comatose state of the taraba state governor, to the ill health of the enugu state governor, to the alleged afflictions of the cross river state governor and then the car crash of the kogi state begins to wonder if these are merely coincidental. as you all probably heard before now, the first lady has kept a very low profile since she returned from medical treatment in germany and word is she has been flown out again for an undisclosed ailment. many christians allude these happenings to the hand of God visiting the leaders who have held this nation hostage and are responsbile for the most stagnant era in our history. i just pray for them because when all is said and done, they are someone's father, brother and child. noone deserves illness and death.

so yeah, i hope y'all enjoyed your festive holidays and heres to a fantastic 2013. see y'all around peeps.


Myne Whitman said...

Your post made me sad, but it's very honest. Let's hope 2013 is better.

RQ said...

Thanks Myne. We can only hope.

Ginger said...

I shall reserve my comments cause they are mightily 'murderous' and join you to pray for peace.

*poverty will make people forget common sense. always. God bless their souls.
Public health outreach, education hasnt been done enough I think. Whose responsibility?