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of the tooth fairy and life lessons

Today of all days I learnt that a lot of things are in your mind. And that the mind is a very powerful thing. It is responsible for what you think you see and perceive. It can make you demented. It can make you feel sick. It can make you hopeful and untouchable.

So the shortest story you ever heard. Last week I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I had procrastinated for over 6 months at least, and just kept managing it until it kept me up all night twice in one week, forcing me to the dentists' office. First thing, as every child knows, the dentist is not a pleasant place. It is a place of metallic instruments clanking against enamel teeth. The sensation is barely tolerable (damn the stupid lollipop) and you grow up with this fear.

(cthoman/Getty Images)

And so the very thought of pulling my teeth was almost as painful as the ensuing toothache. And the pain of toothache is intense. At some point it feels like a nervous breakdown and everything from the side of your neck all the way…
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of new years and fears

Happy New Year people! 💯💥🔥
It's always common euphoria once a new year rolls around. We spend days anticipating and planning. Many of us who have specific ways of ushering in the turn of time do so with either a large dose of sober reflection, or the celebratory equivalent. Whichever way, many of us spend a lot of mental energy trying to figure out how we can be better, do better or improve on areas that did not seem to go as planned in the outgoing year. 
So why is it that we wait till exactly the end of one period of time before we compel ourselves to change certain things? Why does the sunset of one normal day and the sunrise of the next suddenly inspire us to want better? 
I've heard some people argue that it is the human nature as a thinking being, to self analyze and course correct towards the goal of self preservation for the longest possible time. Essentially there is nothing altruistic about this. The passage of time brings us more experience that we can compare o…

of ending well and starting right

hey guys, i know the last blog post was kinda heavy to absorb because of the nature of the topic and i apologize. i tend to be intense a lot more than necessary but it had to be said. but today is the last day of the entire 2018...can you believe it?!!! woohoooo!!! i know i say this every year but this year really flew past faster than usual. 😋😋

i remember when i was younger and each single day used to seem like forever and Christmases couldn't get here quickly enough. oh the drag. but now i am always so exhausted after the stress of getting to and from work and putting in 8 full hours that it is really all i can do to sleep and wake up. insomnia permitting, of course 😲. i think the older you grow and the more your responsibilities, the more of a blur every week seems to go by. and in effect the entire year. but we are here now! older, wiser (yes Calistus, i know this doesn't apply to everyone 😶) and definitely more experienced. 

so to round off the year i decided to conduct…

of suicide, depression and the craze to trend

I won't even bother with correctness today. Christmas is over and Jesus has been born so yeah... back to reality.

So today twitter was awash with the renewed conversation on suicides and depression. Apparently a student of Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria killed herself by drinking rat poison and left a suicide note. The announcement was apparently made on the school's twitter handle (investigative protocol be damned) but lets focus on the core issues.

Someone asked why it appears that depression and suicide is on the increase among Nigerian youth now in relation to the past. Simply Oroque's View:

1. first of all, I don't know the basis for concluding that it is on the increase but I give him the pass because he used the word "appears". Social media has brought everything upward and outward in real time. In times past, it would take weeks for people outside of the deceased's nuclear family to even learn of her death. Now, it is within seconds.

2. we are…

of 2019 budget and simplicity

so you know how there's all sorts of books with titles that end with "for dummies"? well, i stumbled on the Nigerian 2019 budget simplified for dummies by @mona_moxie of twitter. Clearly that doesn't include you, wise old you! 😅😅😅but anyways, i have reproduced it below because its Christmas and you haven't had time to read the entire budget like you do every year. You should follow the intelligent individual who took the time to write this i.e. @mona_moxie on twitter 

of therapy and ideologies

part of the benefits of writing a blog is that it is therapeutic. As any blogger will tell you, a blog usually comes from a place of expression where you will literally implode if you do not let your thoughts out. So bear with me on this one...

I’m very angry with a good friend of mine. The question isn’t even for is the how is this even possible. I pride myself in being very emotionally mature (well screw you for rolling your eyes) and very hardly let anything get to me. As a matter of fact, years of legal practice and social media activity has given me a tough skin. And so I am very surprised that I can habour such anger especially based on the political position this friend of mine has taken. Okay I said I was not going to talk about it but then since you won’t stop begging me, why not?

So as you know the Nigerian elections are upon us. Election cycle after election cycle we all get on social media and say how we will not lose friends over political differences since the …

of contenders and aspirants a.k.a ezekwesili and the rest

with every intent at being cheeky, there's a difference between contenders and aspirants. I know it is merely academic in nature at this point but the way i see it, the constitution allows a myriad of citizens to run for the exalted office of president. However there are only a few that not only have the pedigree required for us to assume competency, but also are in good standing with the voting public and actually stand a chance of disrupting the status quo.

There's a whopping 47 Nigerians running for president. this is very heartening considering that nobody was willing to put their neck out in 1999's political environment. We have come a long way and the fact that people are comfortable enough to run without fear for their lives or safety is a plus for democracy.

To make it better, there is a very serious female contender in the mix. Oby Ezekwesili. Yes! And unlike Sarah Jubril and Remi Sonaiya (my uninformed opinion with no disrespect intended), she is not running on h…

of politics and coming full circle

dear reader,

i wont even acknowledge that it has been a long time since i last wrote a blog. i eventually lost all motivation as things went from bad to worse in the country. i was not foolish by supporting the current political party in power. it was based on the hope for a better future. they were apparently very good critics but now we have given them a chance to make things better, things have never been worse.

for the first time in my short life, the intelligent, educated, middle class, working citizens of this country are migrating to Canada en masse. and i don't mean a few people who just feel like they have no jobs here and can go there and drive taxi cars. i mean senior lawyers, engineers, people with quality education and who in many cases returned to the country because Obasanjo made things look like they were about to work. the refineries, the airport, the exchange rate, the Paris club debt, agricultural export, banking and telecommunications sector.

we even had savin…

Of Speech-to-text technology and Tiwa Savage

So today I have stumbled on this new Android technology that allows you to type using your speech. The possibilities are endless and it removes the delay between thinking and typing. Every author, writer or bloggers knows how much is lost in between thinking as fast as we do and typing slowly as we do. Imagine how easy it is when you're able to just say what's on your mind very quickly and it's almost like having your own personal assistant taking notes for you as quickly as you talk. So this is the first blog post that I'm going to write entirely using this technology.Although I usually ignore stupid conversations on social media that add no value to humanity, it's very difficult to watch the train wreck that has become Tiwa Savage's marriage breakdown. I always find it difficult to comprehend how women want to be treated as equals but when the chips are down they allow emotions to step in the way of logical reasoning. It's really mind-boggling that anyone…