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of new years and fears

Happy New Year people! 💯💥🔥

It's always common euphoria once a new year rolls around. We spend days anticipating and planning. Many of us who have specific ways of ushering in the turn of time do so with either a large dose of sober reflection, or the celebratory equivalent. Whichever way, many of us spend a lot of mental energy trying to figure out how we can be better, do better or improve on areas that did not seem to go as planned in the outgoing year. 

So why is it that we wait till exactly the end of one period of time before we compel ourselves to change certain things? Why does the sunset of one normal day and the sunrise of the next suddenly inspire us to want better? 

I've heard some people argue that it is the human nature as a thinking being, to self analyze and course correct towards the goal of self preservation for the longest possible time. Essentially there is nothing altruistic about this. The passage of time brings us more experience that we can compare our existence to, and reminds us that we are running out of finite time. 

So yes, use your experience of last year wisely. Whatever resolutions you make, include the mastery over fear as one of them. Because you see, the fear of failure, of embarrassment, of judgment by people you don't even know on social media, will lead to self doubt and not let you explore all your talents. Do not be afraid in 2019. You can do that thing that keeps coming to your mind but that you keep pushing away as too risky. You can sing, you can start an online magazine, you can start an outreach for indigent people, you can do your boss' job, you can start a church... You can do anything! 

And you owe yourself to at least try. Those who will laugh and those who will cheer you on will do so regardless. Do not get to the end and wonder what could have been. 

Here's to a wonderful 2019. 🥂


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