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moved to wordpress -

Dear Reader,

It appears is on its way out. It will always be my first intro to blogging and holds a special place in my heart. However I cannot run two blog sites at once and have to move away from here permanently.

My new site is:

This will stay up as long as possible but with no further blog posts or updates.

See you at my new site!


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of suicide, depression and the craze to trend

I won't even bother with correctness today. Christmas is over and Jesus has been born so yeah... back to reality.

So today twitter was awash with the renewed conversation on suicides and depression. Apparently a student of Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria killed herself by drinking rat poison and left a suicide note. The announcement was apparently made on the school's twitter handle (investigative protocol be damned) but lets focus on the core issues.

Someone asked why it appears that depression and suicide is on the increase among Nigerian youth now in relation to the past. Simply Oroque's View:

1. first of all, I don't know the basis for concluding that it is on the increase but I give him the pass because he used the word "appears". Social media has brought everything upward and outward in real time. In times past, it would take weeks for people outside of the deceased's nuclear family to even learn of her death. Now, it is within seconds.

2. we are…

of contenders and aspirants a.k.a ezekwesili and the rest

with every intent at being cheeky, there's a difference between contenders and aspirants. I know it is merely academic in nature at this point but the way i see it, the constitution allows a myriad of citizens to run for the exalted office of president. However there are only a few that not only have the pedigree required for us to assume competency, but also are in good standing with the voting public and actually stand a chance of disrupting the status quo.

There's a whopping 47 Nigerians running for president. this is very heartening considering that nobody was willing to put their neck out in 1999's political environment. We have come a long way and the fact that people are comfortable enough to run without fear for their lives or safety is a plus for democracy.

To make it better, there is a very serious female contender in the mix. Oby Ezekwesili. Yes! And unlike Sarah Jubril and Remi Sonaiya (my uninformed opinion with no disrespect intended), she is not running on h…

of dreaming my mum’s dream

So I got tired of making the same old new year resolutions that were focused on weight loss and other things largely outside my control. This year I decided to take my company a little more seriously. Yes. I incorporated a company last year largely in memory of my mum who passed in 2015. As I reflected on her life and the things that were important to her, I knew that a life of charity and benevolence was all she lived for.

I took that from her. Anyone who knows me in reality knows I thrive on generosity. The more I have to give out to people who really need it, the happier I am. All I pray for is the life, health and prosperity to take this to the levels that my mum would, had she been here. And it starts with MILROQZEE. You see her name was Mildred and I call myself Roqzee so deep anything behind that name.

My mum was a Christian missionary in the real sense of the word. As a missionary pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, we found ourselves in the outskirts of…