Friday, October 4, 2013

of status updates

unbelievably, the ASUU strike has gone on for longer than anyone in his right mind would have thought possible. the students are at home getting pregnant or trying to get someone pregnant. the lecturers are on leave hoping that this drags on for longer than necessary knowing fully well that their salaries remain untouched after everything. parents are at their wits end trying to keep hormone driven youngsters occupied...and I keep worrying that one of these idle hands will burgle my house while I am away at work one of these days simply because they have nothing better to do and bit of mischief is inevitable. o well. if the president can sleep at night with the country in this state, why not I? the populace is so tired that nothing bugs it anymore. we have been so pummeled by bad news and seemingly unending near crisis that when the news broke that a plane just crashed carrying dignitaries on board, more than half the people I know just read it and carried on working like they had just been informed there will be a children play in church on sunday. two things are responsible, we are yet to get over the shocking pictures of the 50 children killed while sleeping in yobe state, so this was an emotion overload. secondly, the plane was a private plane carrying government officials...a group of people that Nigerians feel a collective disconnect from. essentially it was a rich man's problem not worth anyone's second thought. it is really sad. making it worse is the fact that this is a year after the last major air disaster. we have indeed come to expect the worst. I have been inundated with requests by concerned fans of my blog trying to figure out what is responsible for the long silence. one word: work. I wish I could tell y'all everything but suffice to say that more is expected of me suddenly and in a sink-or-swim situation, one kicks as hard as possible to stay afloat. so, with the president trying to remain president in 2015, the security situation getting worse, schools out and medical doctors on yet another strike action, I guess we can summarize that the country is in good shape. same old same old. I hope to get my groove back on again blog-wise and this might take a little while. till then, stay safe y'all.


Toinlicious said...

I don't know how GEJ can even be comtemplating another 4 years of this madness.
Stay afloat too man xo

Chinene said...

I seriously can't deal. You know what it is - our sense of outrage has simply ceased to exist. We are just going through the motions and that is really scary.
How those even remotely responsible for the sorry state of affairs sleep at night, I don't know.