Saturday, April 30, 2016

Of Speech-to-text technology and Tiwa Savage

So today I have stumbled on this new Android technology that allows you to type using your speech. The possibilities are endless and it removes the delay between thinking and typing. Every author, writer or bloggers knows how much is lost in between thinking as fast as we do and typing slowly as we do. Imagine how easy it is when you're able to just say what's on your mind very quickly and it's almost like having your own personal assistant taking notes for you as quickly as you talk. So this is the first blog post that I'm going to write entirely using this technology.

Although I usually ignore stupid conversations on social media that add no value to humanity, it's very difficult to watch the train wreck that has become Tiwa Savage's marriage breakdown. I always find it difficult to comprehend how women want to be treated as equals but when the chips are down they allow emotions to step in the way of logical reasoning. It's really mind-boggling that anyone as talented and beautiful as she is would allow herself to marry someone immature and as attention-seeking as her current husband. When you live your life in the public spotlight you can't afford so have a spouse who does not appreciate how your industry operates. The endpoints of it is always that the spouse assumes that you do not have his time and that he is the second Fiddle in your life. Right there is the formula for a short-lived marriage. Whitney Houston  did the exact same thing...with all her money,  success,  Talent  and beauty  you would expect  that she would get herself  the best  husband  money can buy. I think that Tiwa has compounded the situation by issuing her own statement. That's like trying to fight a Madman in the Market Square, it becomes difficult for people watching to differentiate between you and the mad person.

At some point in your life especially when you get to a certain position, you need to be able to take the moral High Ground no matter how difficult that might seem. It usually feels easier to defend yourself when you're being attacked especially in public however when you are the one who is more popular and who has a Public Image to protect then you need to fight this urge and stay silent. Scandals will come and go but your reputation must remain intact. I feel bad for her and I wish her well but I think that in 2016 nobody should have to explain to the world why we have made the decisions in their lives that they have made. She should have left the marriage long ago and focused on the rest of what we hope will continue to be an award-winning career and a long life of happiness.

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